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Edo Sushi Sasaki

Sushi Sasaki @ Ginza
People in Edo started to have Sushi and a restaurant started using fresh fish.
'Edo' means old Tokyo during from the 17th to 19th centuries where used to be a city of Samurai, and Osaka is for merchant at the time.

Uni (Sea urchin)

And NOW, Sushi chef in Osaka cut up a fish from stomach but chef in Tokyo do it from back.
Because Harakiri (commit ritual suicide by disembowelment) is avoidable for Samurai, and Hara wo waru ('Breaking stomach' means heart to heart talk) is high end spirit for merchant.

That's what the chef at Sasaki talked ^^.

SakeEbi (Prawn)Toro (Fatty Tuna)
Anago (Conger)
Uni (Sea urchin)


rimokana said…
momo said…
~Chow Wo Man~ said…
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~Chow Wo Man~ said…
such beauty in simpicity. if not fresh fish...what? before I mean..

I love sushi, were it not for this food my life would be lacking.
momo said…
Thank you Mark.
I'm glad that you like Sushi:)
S Lloyd said…

I do not speak nor read Japanese.
Is Sushi Sasaki still ok, or they won't accept my presence? Also: (1)any other top sushiya that is among your top 3 in Tokyo? (2)How do local sushi Japanese fans rate places that are so popular with foreigners like Sushi Mizutani? Yoshitake? Sushiso Masa? Are those perceived as the very top for the locals or are there unknown ones that the locals find superior to those? If Yes, which ones please? Thanks

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